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Written by admin on January 19, 2010

S.H.E.R. organization was founded by Sherrie R. Tyler in 2000. We write letters to legislature regarding the homeless and those with Mental Health issues and voice our concerns for improvements that are so desperately needed. Improvements such as more funding needed for research for psychiatric medication and their side effects, to focusing on funding needed for better homeless programs and better treatment for those who suffer from Mental Illness.

To write your congressperson visit www.congress.org and type in your zipcode. See the letter I wrote to President Obama for an example on how to write a letter. Although, you can email or hand write a letter as well. Be sure to give your mailing address because you may receive a letter back.

It is important to let your voice be heard. People who suffer from Mental Illness and or who are homeless are people with value and deserve compassion, understanding and respect.

Email me: If you wish to contact me, just make a comment on ANY of the articles on this web site and I will get emailed and email you back. Thank you!

Website     www.s-h-e-r.com

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