I Have a Dream!

Written by admin on October 15, 2010

I Have a Dream!


I cried today. Happy tears not sad. I guess that is what happens when your dreams are coming true. When YOU make your dreams happen.

I taught my first seminar today on Mental Health. I have a phobia of speaking in front of others but I was determined to overcome this and today I did. I stumbled a little bit with my words in the beginning but once I started talking it was hard to stop! Educating others on mental health has always been my dream. I originally wanted to become a professor but my own mental illness interfered with school. The stress of college became too much and I had to drop out of the Masters program at CSUS twice due to the psychosis I experience with my Bipolar.

So, I found another way to educate others…I lecture at clinics and would like to expand it to psychiatric hospitals and eventually lecture at different colleges about my experience with mental illness and what I have learned from the extensive research that I have done.

It took me a long time to discuss my mental illness in front of strangers without worrying how I will be judged. I know there are a lot of misconceptions about people with mental illness. I am going to change this. To be honest I haven’t fully conquered the fear of being negatively judged by others but I am working on it. For example, my high school reunion is Saturday and I am not going. I know my high school friends love me as we have been catching up on Facebook…but I am not ready to let them see me. The main reason is I have gained so much weight on my psych meds and feel very unattractive. Hopefully, by our next reunion I will be ready, and I plan to “show up” and hug all my friends!

Even though I was scared to teach my seminar…I made it happen. I spoke to the counselor about allowing me to speak in front of the group. I researched facts for two months and practiced what I was going to say in front of the mirror. I did forget a few things but overall I was happy with how it turned out.

To lead a happy productive life it is important to have a dream and follow it even if circumstances or obstacles arise and you need to modify it.

My ultimate dream is to speak in front of Congress in Washington D.C. regarding mental health issues. Wish me luck!




Written by Sherrie Tyler 

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