Written by admin on January 16, 2010

Desperately Seeking Happiness


Sherrie R. Tyler



Don’t you wish you could just take a really good picture put it on your Drivers license and that is how you see yourself?  All the time. Isn’t that what self esteem is all about? Feeling confident and secure? Getting through that job interview may be easier or calling that new crush.  When God made you he wanted you to be happy with yourself . I wonder if His feelings get hurt with all this plastic surgery that happens in the U.S. In other countries people are not so obsessed with looks but happiness seems to be more prevalent. Like in Bhutan in the Himalayans where Happiness is the Constitution. Seeking Joy is part of their society. The Dalai Lama expressed how the people in the West are unhappy because we care too much about possessions. Poor people are more happy because they are not worrying about what they might lose. So, I say, take that picture put it into your mind and go after your dreams. Once you find your passion you will be happy…I promise.

What if God is stuck in a pyramid somewhere depressed because no one appreciates Him anymore?

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